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We offer the following range of services to our clients, including:

  • Construction Budgeting and detailed program development
  • Site analysis and Comparison
  • Full Building and site design Ranging from small to large remodels
  • Contract Document production and related consultation coordination.
  • Design review and permit application services
  • Competitive bidding and building contract negotiation service
  • Construction administration services
  • Explore endless possibilities to satisfy the customer
  • Emphasize on technology driven operations
  • Developing each project with world-class amenities and ambience

Phase of a typical Project:

  • Pre-design services
  • Schematic Stage
  • Design Development Stage
  • Construction Documents Stage.
  • Building Stage
  • Construction Administration stage

Pre-Design Services

We offer a full complement of Pre-Design services in order to assist a client or prospective client in evaluating a project. We often provide site analysis for new homes or evaluation of existing homes under consideration for renovation and or expansion. These services are offered to both established clients and prospective clients who either have a home or are considering purchase of a home or property.

Schematic Stage

We formulate a contract with you and develop a detailed program with you. Further discussions follow on how you live, how you want to use the house from day to day, discovering the "feeling" you want for the different rooms and the home, determining your space requirements, storage needs, and traffic patterns. We then have further discussions on problems involving orientation, views, access, natural light and sound control. The Schematic Stage continues with the development of small-scaled floor plans and exterior elevations, which will determine the final development of room sizes, cabinetry layouts, appliances types and locations, window and door openings and general architectural features. The architectural treatment develops as a result of the shapes and sizes that evolve and the style and detail that you prefer. wedding dress online shop jovani prom dress The general types of building materials to be used are decided on how to assist in the creation of the feeling desired. We then prepare a general plot plan showing the driveway, patios, decks, pool and general landscape features. Exterior elevations are finalized. The most important consideration is that the character of the residence be what you like.

Design Development Stage

This stage consists of the continued development and refinement of the project through the generation of large-scale floor plans, elevations, a roof plan for the structure, and a site plan at a larger scale. Complete interior elevations of all walls in all rooms are provided. Lighting, electrical and mechanical plans are completed. The finish schedule and final materials are selected and finalized for all areas. Preliminary Planning approvals and Design Review Board approvals, if required, are obtained at this time. Replica

Construction Documents Stage

The final dimensioned plans are completed. The plot plan and exterior elevations are finalized. The door and window schedules are completed. All architectural detailing is completed and a set of specifications is completed. The specifications define the various building components, products and the level of quality that is desired. Structural framing, foundation, detail drawings, seismic and structural calculations are completed. Site, grading and drainage plans are completed. The Title 24 report for energy is completed. We coordinate and manage all of the various consultants necessary to define the project completely in preparation for bidding and permit. Replica Patek Philippe Calatrava Hot Sale

Bidding Stage

We assist in the selection of Contractors and obtaining competitive bids or obtaining a negotiated bid with a General Contractor of choice. Plans are printed and issued to the bidders. During the bidding or negotiations, I answer questions. Bids are received and we assist in the final selection of a Contractor and/or final price negotiations. We issue the Contract Documents for construction. All of the necessary documents for Permit and Plan Check are filed with the appropriate governmental agencies. We guide the project through the various governmental agencies and the approval process.

Construction Administration Stage

We act as interpreter of the Contract Documents. We work with you in the final selection of the colors, plumbing fixtures and fittings, electrical fixtures and finish hardware. We review shop drawings and submittals from the Contractor. We check and authorize payment requests from the General Contractor. We make a complete punch list for the Contractor at the completion of the project and file all the necessary completion documents with the building department and governmental authorities.

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